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After Congo gained independence from Belgium there was political unrest and conflict in the Republic of the Congo, under the presidency of Joseph Kasa-Vubu. With Belgium’s “…loss of the Congo, the former Belgian colony that became independent on 30 June 1960.

To restore their profits, the capitalists wanted radical measures,” (Tampa).

The article “Why the world is ignoring Congo war” by Vava Tampa, tries to raise awareness of all of the unfortunate things that have been happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In this article the author reports a major issue that the world has been blind to for a very long time, this issue being rape which is being used as a “weapon of war by proxy militia gangs fighting for control of Congo’s easily appropriable and highly valuable natural resources,” (Tampa).

These recurring issues have gone unnoticed by so many, when they have had such a huge impact on the Congo and those countries around them since the problems started.

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