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Having seen it, I really wish I'd seen it back when it was new.

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The packaging insists the movie is finally & completely uncut & uncensored, but awkward continuity gaps suggest otherwise.

What amazes me is that a desperate venal Hollywood hasn't remade the film with a bigger budget (from the look of it, even 37 dollars would be bigger) and state-of-the-"art" effects. I DRINK YOUR BLOOD has nothing to do with the storyline of the filmthere's no one in the film Drinking bloodthe films Distributor back in 1970 thought it was better to change the title from PHOBIAS to I DRINK YOUR BLOODto make it sell to audienceswell Grindhouse have now reissued the 83min Unrated Theatrical cut on blu-raywith new 4k scan of 1080p HD transfer and the picture quality does look excellent i must sayvery nice colour restoration very sharp & clear picture qaulity the best the film has ever looked actuallythe sound quality has also been boosted 2.0 master stereo mix Grindhouse has also released another version of the film that has never been released til nowit's David Durston's Directors cut 88mins which has about 4mins extra scenes inserted back into the filmboth versions have been given new 4k scans actually so the picture quality is amazing, No Grain no Dirt Disc 1 has both versions of the film plus optional Audio commentariessome of the commentaries are carried over from the old Collectors dvdbut there's 1 new commentary for the new Directors cut done by David durston Disc 2 has all the extras mainly from the old Collectors dvd carried over in Digital remaster quality, not 1080p qualitythere's the I DRINK YOUR BLOOD SHOW retrospectivethe Q & A CAST REUNION, the 2 Q & A CONVENTION footage with Lynn lowry & David durstonplus a new recent interview with David Durston just before he passed awayplus the usual Theatrical trailer's, Stills Photo Gallery, TV spots are in 1080p quality nowthere's also 2 more films Grindhouse have added on Disc 2I EAT YOUR SKIN & BLUE SEXTET both given new 1080p HD transfers for the first time everplus new interview with Assistant Director from I EAT YOUR SKINall this content over 2 Discs inside clamshell blu-ray case incredible!

Personally, I just thought that the running water was too close to bathing and that's what scared them off.

Anyway, half the construction crew from the dam get infected after gang-banging one of the less attractive hippie girls and soon the whole town (or what's left of it, at least) is overrun by either foaming hippies or foaming construction workers.

Ever the exploitationeer, Gross sent the movie out uncut anyway, resulting in pandemonium.

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