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The company broke ground for Fermi 1 in 1956 and the nuclear plant operated from 1963-19-1972. Brunetti is the President and CEO of Xcel Energy Inc..

Source: Consumers Energy web site.)Heres exactly how its described at the Detroit Edison company web sites history page: The 1950s brought the dawn of the Atomic Age.

Detroit Edison was involved with Dow Chemical in designing the world's first experimental liquid-metal cooled fast-breeder reactor - the Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant (Fermi 1).

The morons who really run the show the so called "...decision makers..." would never pay for the extra engineering effort to protect against the possibility of sabotage at any Naval Reactor Facility, including shipyards. These tubes are subject to degradation from corrosion, cracking, fatigue, and wear (Also known as Dry Cask Storage, it is extremely dangerous and should not be allowed. (Source: Nuclear Free New England web site.)Owners: North Atlantic Energy Corp. After only 10 years of operation, large cracks were found in NM2's core shroud.

The DOE projects that by 2010 82 nuclear plants at 52 sites will have to add approx. (35.98%), United Illuminating, Bay Corp Holdings Ltd., MA Municipal Wholesale Electric Co., New England Power Corp., CT Light & Power, Canal Electric Co., NH Electric Coop., Inc., Hudson Light & Power Dept., Taunton Municipal Light Plant Reactor animation: Nuclear.shtml "Vermont Yankee replaced all of the plant's reactor water recirculation piping in 1985 with piping of improved materials to prevent corrosion." The backup power supply system was replaced in 1990, and control room instrumentation was upgraded to digital." VT Yankee Chairman is Robert Young. (Sources: Nukebusters Nine Mile Point web site.)DOE plans to emplace approximately 300 canisters of naval spent nuclear fuel at Yucca Mountain.

There are 185 cross-shaped control rods filled with boron carbide.

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