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The first time it sorta came out in the open between us all was a couple of weeks later, during Halloween, and they suggested that I go as a woman - just for a joke. But later, when I was alone, the idea began to intrigue me. Terri went to JJ and got back on his lap in the recliner, and I sat next to James on the sofa. I could see Terri watching as he pulled me close in for a kiss and we began making out.

I tried to bring it up to Terri later, and when I did I caught her giving me a look and smiling. He slid his underwear and tank top off and was all naked. His big hands went to my bare buttocks, cupping them as we kissed.

So between 2 bottles of white zin and an entire box of Kleenix, I told her - everything - about Jay, about sneaking out to the adult book stores - everything!

I had never admitted any of this to Terri, now here I was, coming out to Nancy. She promised me she wouldn't, but I guess I really knew that she would.

We had neighbors, Nancy and Ted, and while Terri made friends with Nancy - who was Filipina like her - Ted would have nothing to do with me.

Ted was a man's man, he like football and hunting, football - stuff like that.

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