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WHAT TO EXPECT: A half-hour comedy adaptation of Garry Marshall’s 1984 film, about a kid who takes a summer job at a beach resort to be near the girl of his dreams STATUS: In development at ABC Studios (August 2015) WHAT TO EXPECT: A TV-series reboot of the classic 1974 blaxpoitation film, which starred Pam Grier as a woman seeking vengeance against a crime syndicate after her boyfriend is murdered STATUS: In development at Hulu (December 2016) ANYTHING ELSE?

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: Michael Doneger, who co-wrote and starred in the original movie, will write, executive-produce and star in the potential series.

WHAT TO EXPECT: An event series based on Sylvester Stallone’s films of the same name, featuring iconic TV stars as a new team of terrorism-fighting, highly skilled heroes STATUS: Not picked up at Fox; being shopped to other networks (June 2016) WHAT TO EXPECT: A half-hour TV series based on the 1996 film, which will follow a group of women who band together after their marriages fall apart and find strength in their sisterhood STATUS: Though a pilot was ordered, and subsequently passed on, at TV Land in 2016, the project is now being redeveloped (October 2017) for Spike TV, to be renamed Paramount Network in January 2018.

This fast rising trend is all about trying to savour all the great moments of love, compassion, joy, expectation and anxiety that go rampant through the psyches of the new groom and bride in the days leading up to their wedding day.[Read More: Indian Wedding Photography Poses]Let’s put it this way: a wedding shoot could be compared to an extempore session while an Indian pre-wedding photography session is more akin to a carefully rehearsed musical stage production.

The basic difference is that during a wedding, all the photos have to be taken in real time, as the flow of the wedding will not wait for the intrepid photographer to take the best shot possible at just the right moment; mistakes are impermissible and will lose you a shot at capturing an ephemerally beautiful memory.

STATUS: Ordered to series at WHAT TO EXPECT: A TV-movie remake of the 1993 film, which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three witches accidentally resurrected in Salem, Mass.

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