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" "Thanks Linds, sorry you had to see that..." She didn't mention me wanting her sexually, so I didn't press the issue... " It wasn't overly unusual for me to hang out with my sister from time to time, but it rarely went beyond occasional indoor rock climbing sessions, or the odd family gathering.

I didn't really hang out with any of her friends either but I had nothing going on that night anyway.

not that she was one to ever plan or prepare many parties.

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Anyways Amy saw me looking at this pic on my phone one day and she didn't say anything, even though I thought for sure I was busted. It wasn't long before I heard my phone start to vibrate notifications and it was my sister Lindsey was texting me.

It wasn't until months later we were in for middle of breaking up when she dropped it. I see how you look at her sometimes you fuckin sicky!! "Hey Paul your girlfriends acting like a weird bitch over here." "Yeah we just broke up...

I started noticing she would leave her freshly worn panties on the floor of our shared bathroom.

She was 18 at the time and I was horny but unsure of how to respond to my emerging impure thoughts.

slang), dickhead (slang), gonzo (slang), schmuck (U. slang), dork (slang), nitwit (informal), dolt, blockhead, divvy (Brit.

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