Dating femina

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French Catalonia developed into the marquisate of Gothia or Septimania (see the document TOULOUSE, KINGS, DUKES & COUNTS).

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Thirdly, in the cases of Seniofredo and Aledran, no primary source has been identified which directly indicates any connection with Septimania.

Lastly, no source has been found which identifies Hunfrid as ruler of the march of Spain.

Muslim domination in the area later known as Catalonia was challenged by the Carolingian Franks.

Pepin "le Bref" King of the Franks captured Narbonne from the Muslims in [758/59].

The main counties in Catalonia proper were Barcelona, Berga (Bergued), Besal, Cerdanya, Conflent, Empries, Girona, Osona, Roussillon, Urgell and Vallespir, although some of these counties were ruled jointly.

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